Council Tax discounts

Disabled band reductions

If you or someone that lives with you is disabled, your Council Tax bill may be reduced by amending your property's Council Tax band. For example if your property is currently a "Band B" then it will be reduced to a "Band A" and if it is currently a "Band D" then it will reduce to "Band C". 

To qualify your property must have at least one of the following features:

  • A room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) mainly used for the care and therapy of the disabled person and that has been modified from its original designed use 
  • A second bathroom or kitchen for meeting the needs of the disabled person 
  • Extra space inside the dwelling to allow for the use of a wheelchair 

You are only entitled to this reduction while the property is occupied by the disabled person.

If you are the only occupier over the age of 18 living in a property and it is your sole or main residence you can claim an additional 25 per cent discount on your Council Tax bill. 

Please be aware we will visit your property to confirm that your property meets the requirements to qualify.

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