Council Tax discounts

Single person discount review in Lincoln

You can use this service if you have received a letter from us requesting that you complete a Single Person's Discount Review form online

Before you start

To continue you will need:

  • Your pin (found on your letter)
  • Your account number (found on your letter or your Council Tax bill)
  • Your postcode
  • Details of anyone living at your address (if applicable)

What should you do now?

Please confirm your current details by clicking on the Single Person's Discount Review link above.

To access your form you will need to enter your unique PIN number. You can find this PIN number on the letter we have sent to you.

If you have any questions regarding the form or require further information, please see our Single Person's Discount frequently asked questions (FAQs)

More about the Single Person's Discount review

City of Lincoln Council is continuing to review discounts which will help identify fraudulent claims among Council Tax payers who are attempting to cheat the system. Each year local authorities nationwide receive a high volume of applications for Single person's discount. Sadly some of these applications are not genuine and just like benefit cheats; these people are claiming reductions in their bills falsely.

Legislation exists which allows Council Tax cheats to be prosecuted in the same way that benefit cheats are; through the court system and made to pay back the money they owe.

Checks will be made to ensure everyone who claims the discount is genuine. However, occasionally circumstances may not be so easy to explain. To help in these situations we have included the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout this review period.

Fair Processing Notice

City of Lincoln Council is currently embarking upon a review of all residents in receipt of the 25% Single Person Discount on their council tax. This discount can be claimed where a dwelling or property has a sole adult occupant who is liable to pay council tax. 

Whilst we are aware that the majority of our residents will be claiming the discount appropriately there is, unfortunately, a minority who are attempting to defraud the system. 
In light of this, we will shortly be sending residents in receipt of Single Person Discount a letter asking for them to confirm their current circumstances. Not only will this be a way of keeping our records up to date it will also be a way of allowing our residents to notify us if there has been a change in their circumstances. All returned forms will be returned to and handled by a centrally based local government scanning facility based in Nottingham; they process documents on behalf of many local authorities across the United Kingdom. 

This exercise will be on an ongoing format until further notice, all correspondence will be issued on a monthly basis and this, is one of many steps that City of Lincoln Council is taking to stamp out fraud across the authority. 

Please note: If you do not respond to our letter you will have your Single Person Discount removed and further investigations may be undertaken. 

We are dedicated to protecting the public purse and detecting fraud. We take Council Tax Fraud very seriously, so we are very pro-active in confirming all entitlements to discounts.

We would like to thank our residents for their on-going cooperation throughout this exercise.