Planning your own event

Planning your event

Events are an important aspect to the city – they bring new visitors, local economic income and great atmosphere.

If you’re organising a large event within Lincoln, then you should:

  • Ensure you have all the necessary documentation in place to allow you to run a safe event. This includes but is not limited to an event management plan and risk assessment. We strongly advise you make use of the free templates and guidance notes provided on the Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnerships website 
  • Contact the Lincoln Safety Advisory Group with the details of your event and any documentation you have in place via
  • Contact the Food Safety and Hygiene Team (if providing food or refreshments) via
  • If you think that your event will impact in any way on the public highway (including roads/footpaths), you must also register your event with Lincolnshire County Council. Please note by using this form to notify the Highways department, they can work with you to minimise the risk of other events or road works clashing with your event.