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Safety Advisory Group

What is the Safety Advisory Group?

Safety Advisory Groups (SAG) were formed nationally as a result of serious incidents at several events (such as Hillsborough 1989). Members consist of representatives from the below organisations, each of whom offer specialist event safety advice from their area of expertise:

  • City of Lincoln Council
  • Lincolnshire Police, Ambulance Service and Fire Service
  • Emergency Planning
  • Lincolnshire Highways

If you’re organising an outdoor event that is likely to have a large attendance (or any potential risks) then you should notify the Safety Advisory Group (SAG). You can do this by emailing with details of your event along with any documentation you have in place. From here, members will review your event management plan, risk assessment and supporting appendices, and provide advice/ guidance to ensure best practice management is being followed. This advice can be delivered through recorded SAG meetings which are typically scheduled two months ahead of an event at a minimum. We would urge you to get in contact with us in the early planning stages of your event so we can provide you with guidance well in advance and determine whether your presence at a meeting would be beneficial to discuss your plans. This will also give you ample time should you be advised to implement any changes to your plans.

The Safety Advisory Group is a non–statutory body who do not assist in the event planning itself, or accept responsibility for your event. Representatives who have a statutory responsibility for your event, may act on that responsibility.

You may also wish to read our Safety Advisory Group Privacy Notice