Public Safety and Emergencies


The system, based in City Hall has a total of 504 cameras which cover a wide range of areas including Lincoln city centre, St. Marks Shopping Centre, Monks Road, Hartsholme Country Park, The Arboretum, and North Kesteven operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In 2006, the scheme celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary. In it’s first decade, the system assisted in 13,124 incidents which resulted in an arrest being made by the police. Over 2,250 of these incidents were caught on camera prior to the Police or other partners being aware, and are therefore solely attributable to CCTV and its team of operators.

Part of the system’s outstanding success is due to the vital partnership working with the Police, Lincoln Business Improvement Group, and members of the City Centre Radio Link and Pub Watch schemes.

The CCTV operators also work with our own Environmental Enforcement team. The CCTV operators utilise this network of essential individuals and organisations to effectively serve the community.

Code of Practice for the Operation of Closed Circuit Television