Public Safety and Emergencies

Who's responsible in an emergency

Under the Civil Contingencies Act an emergency is considered a non-malicious event such as localised flooding and severe weather, flu epidemics, transport and industrial accident. In such an event it is important for you to be aware who is responsible and what their duties are in an emergency.

In an emergency authorities are split into two categories of responders:

Category one responders

  • Fire Brigade       
  • Police
  • NHS and ambulance service
  • The Maritime Coastguard
  • Environment Agency
  • Health Protection Agency
  • District and county councils

We, as a local authority, fall into category one responders and therefore our responsibilities include:

  • To undertake risk assessments
  • To undertake emergency planning
  • To warn and inform the public
  • To undertake business continuity (to ensure that all essential services where possible remain operational and to aid in the recovery from the effects of significant disruption to normal working).
  • Share information with other responders

Category two responders

  • Utility companies
  • Railway operators
  • Airport operators
  • The Highways agency
  • Health and Safety Executive

Category two responders must assist in the planning and response stage where there is a relevant need.

Contact Emergency Planning Officer

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