Public Safety and Emergencies

Flooding advice

Protecting your property

If you think your property may be in danger of flooding be prepared in advance if you know that your property is in a location which could be threatened by flooding.

Preparing before a flood:

  • Be aware of the flooding risks to your property
  • Make sure that you are insured, check with home contents and building insurers and seek their advice
  • Be aware of the latest news, weather reports and any flood warning in force from the Environment Agency
  • Make up a family flood plan. Make a flood kit, including a battery/wind up radio, torches, blankets, waterproof clothing, plastic gloves, first aid kit, camera, and any other personal documents or valuable possessions
  • Ensure that you understand the flood warning system
  • Prepare children’s essentials
  • Safely store family medication
  • If flooding is imminent, turn off gas, electricity and water at the mains
  • Unplug electrical items and move them upstairs if possible
  • Move furniture and any sentimental items upstairs if possible
  • Install sandbags and / or flood boards to external doors, cover up air-bricks
  • Put sandbags on top of manholes
  • Move your car to higher ground if possible
  • If there are any vulnerable neighbours living nearby ensure that they are also prepared
  • House gullies should be cleared of debris, leaves etc, to help flood water drain away
  • Plug sinks/baths and put a sand bag in the toilet bowl to prevent backflow
  • Ensure safety of pets and animals.

Sand bags

Please be aware we do not distribute sandbags to the public. Suitable sand bags or aqua bags can be purchased from local building merchants.

If an emergency is declared by the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, we do have a limited number of emergency sand bags, but these will only be made available to the most vulnerable members of the public.

Contact Emergency Planning Officer

Telephone: 01522 873241