Applying for benefits

Applying for Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit which replaces six existing benefits. Certain people who met a set of conditions have already been able to apply for Universal Credit in Lincoln.

  • You can apply for Universal Credit if you are on a low income or unemployed.
  • You will usually only be able to claim Universal Credit if you are aged 18 or over, but some people aged 16 or 17 can get it, depending on their circumstances.
  • You usually won’t be able to claim Universal Credit if you’re in full-time education or training, but people with certain circumstances can still apply.

The Universal Credit full digital service will enable you to apply and manage your benefits application online.

Universal Credit claims if you are over the state pension qualifying age

You can apply for Universal Credit if you or your partner are below State Pension Credit age.

If you are in a couple where one of you is above State Pension age and the other is below it (this is known as a mixed age couple), you will make a Universal Credit claim as a couple. When both of you reach State Pension age your Universal Credit claim will stop and you may wish to apply for Pension Credit and/or Housing Benefit

If you’re in a mixed age couple and are already receiving Pension Credit or Housing Benefit, you will stay on those benefits as long as your circumstances remain the same and there is no break in your claim. If you have a break in your claim or your circumstances change, you may need to make a claim for Universal Credit instead.

Severe Disability Premium

You can’t claim Universal Credit if you either:

  • get the severe disability premium or are entitled to it, or
  • got or were entitled to the severe disability premium within the last month and are still eligible for it

If you have a change of circumstances that affects the severe disability premium or your other benefits, report it and you’ll be told what to do next.

If you moved to Universal Credit before 16 January 2019, but were entitled to the severe disability premium in the month before you made your Universal Credit claim, you may now be able to receive a severe disability premium transitional payment.

You don’t need to take any action. If you are entitled to a transitional payment, the Department for Work and Pensions will tell you about it through your online journal.

Transitional payments will usually be a lump sum followed by ongoing monthly payments. The amount you get will depend on your circumstances.

If you pay Council Tax you may also be able to apply for Council Tax Support.

Our benefits calculator allows you to see what you may be entitled to

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