Applying for benefits

Discretionary Housing Payments

We can make a Discretionary Housing Payment in special circumstances to give you extra help with your rent or Council Tax or both. We treat every claim individually. The overall amount of extra payment is restricted by government limits.

When can a Discretionary Housing Payment be made  

We can only consider making a Discretionary Housing Payment if one of the following applies:

  • You are receiving Housing Benefit
  • You are receiving Council Tax Support 
  • You are receiving Universal Credit with housing costs 


  • The benefit you receive does not cover your rent and Council Tax in full

We can only consider the Discretionary Housing Payment if your circumstances justify extra financial help.

How to make a claim

Download a Discretionary Housing Payment application form 

Send it to:

City of Lincoln & North Kesteven District Council Shared Services
Revenues & Benefits Office
PO Box 1257
Lincoln, LN5 7PQ.

What happens next 

We will look at the details and decide whether we can award you the discretionary housing payment.

If we need more information before making a decision, we may:

  • Telephone you
  • Write to you
  • Visit you
  • Ask you to provide a letter from your doctor – if you have given us details about your health or the health of anyone in your household

If we make the award

We will write and tell you how much you will be paid and how long you will go on receiving it, the payment will be for a set time depending on the reason for the award. We may reduce or stop the award if your circumstances change or if we reach the government spending limit.

If we decide we cannot make the award

We will write to you and explain our decision.

If you do not agree with our decision     

You can ask us to look at our decision again; if you want us to look at our decision again, you will need to write to us and explain why you think our decision is wrong. If we look at your claim again, it will be by a different member of staff who has not dealt with your claim before.

We will write to you again within 14 days and let you know our decision.