Bins, Recycling and Waste

Purple sacks and black boxes

What to put in your black boxes   

  • Card    
  • Paper    
  • Plastic bottles
  • Cans
  • Aluminium foil
  • Trays 
  • Liquid food and drink cartons

You should ensure all items are clean before placing them in your black box.

Other domestic waste can be disposed of using the purple sacks.

Three sacks are provided to each property each week (six sacks per fortnight for fortnightly collections).

It is not necessary to present all three sacks each week, and it is acceptable to present more one week and fewer the next. However, the average must remain at three sacks per week.

Additional sacks are not provided and waste will not be collected if it is not contained within one of the purple sacks provided.

Enforcement action may be taken when waste is presented other than within the purple sacks.


  • Due to storage and access issues, there are a few areas across the city that are not able to have wheeled bins
  • As an alternative, these areas will receive purple sacks and black boxes to enable them to dispose of their refuse and recycling
  • For most of the residents who receive a purple sacks and black boxes service, this will be collected on a weekly basis
  • There are a few exceptions that will receive an alternate weekly collection.

To find out what collection services are available for your street, please see our bin collection calendar


If you are on a purple sack collection, you will receive three sacks through your letterbox every week; six sacks every fortnight if on alternate collection.

If you are not receiving your sacks, or wish to order a replacement black box, please contact us.

Contact the refuse team

Address: City of Lincoln Council
City Hall
Beaumont Fee

Telephone: 01522 873 423