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What evidence do I need

We can start to process your claim as soon as we get your form, but we will not be able to pay you any benefit until we have all the evidence we need.

We must see original documents, not copies, to support your claim for benefit. We will need to see documents to confirm the following things for you and your partner:

Proof of identity

  • Birth certificates    
  • Marriage certificates    
  • Medical card
  • Driving licence
  • UK residence permit
  • Current Home Office letter
  • EU identity card
  • Recent gas or electricity bill (within last three months)

We will need to see two of these documents for each person:

National Insurance number

  • National Insurance number card
  • Payslips
  • Letters from social security or Tax Office

Savings, investments and property

  • Bank, building society or Post Office books
  • Full bank statements
  • Certificates for premium bonds
  • National savings certificates
  • ISA’s
  • Stocks/Shares
  • Unit trusts

We need to see evidence of any interest or dividends you get on any savings and investments. The evidence you send must show details for at least the last two months.


  • Five x weekly payslips or
  • Three x fortnightly payslips or
  • Two x four weekly payslips or
  • Two x monthly payslips

You can give a wage certificate to your employer to fill in if you do not have these payslips.

If you or your partner are self-employed, we need to see your accounts for the last financial year or, if you have been trading for less than six months, a summary of your trading so far. You can complete our form if you do not have prepared accounts.

If you have no income we will accept:

  • A signed statement declaring you have no income
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of savings
  • Letters from friends, family and so on, if they are supporting you

Other income

  • Occupational/Work Pension from a former employer
  • Letter from the court showing how much maintenance you are getting an whether it is for you or your children 
  • Evidence of any money you get from people who pay you board and lodgings
  • Student loan/grant notification letters

Benefits, allowances, tax credits, pensions credits or pensions

  • Current award notices for Working Tax and/or Child Tax credit
  • Letter from the Department of Wok and Pensions confirming how much you get

Private rent and tenancy

  • Rent book
  • Rent receipts
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Letter from your landlord

If you do not have any of these documents then there is a rent proof page in the application form that your landlord can complete.

Other money paid out

  • Letters about student grants
  • Pension schemes
  • Receipts for child care costs

If you cannot provide us with the evidence we need at the time you make your claim, please send it to us or bring it in as soon as possible. The quicker you do this, the quicker we can assess your claim.


I don’t have all the evidence I need at the moment, should I wait to make my claim?

No. You must not delay making your claim, you will have one month from the date you submitted your claim to provide all the original documents as supporting evidence

What happens if I do not provide my original documents in time?

New claims: We will close your claim and write to notify you. If you then provide the documents within a week we will reassess your claim.

If you do not provide the evidence within a week your clam will remain cancelled.You can ask us to reconsider our decision or appeal if you disagree. If we cancel your claim, you will need to start again and complete and submit a new one, providing all the necessary original proofs. You can ask us to consider backdating your housing and / or council tax benefit if you have a good reason.

Change in circumstances: If you are reporting a change in circumstance and have not provided your original documents within one month we will suspend your claim and stop making payments. If you provide the documents within one month of the claim being suspended we will reassess it as a continuous claim without any gaps.

If more than a month has passed after we have closed down the claim without you contacting us, we will cancel it. We will write to notify you. You can ask us to reconsider our decision or appeal if you disagree. If we cancel your claim, you will need to submit another change in circumstances form, providing all the necessary original proofs. You can ask us to consider backdating your change in circumstances if you have a good reason.

What do I need to do if I am having difficulty getting hold of all the proofs you need to see?

You must contact us and tell us which documents you’re having problems finding and why. We’ll also need to know when you expect to be able to send them.

What if I can’t provide my National Insurance Number or proof of ID?

Do not delay your claim if you can not locate your National Insurance Number. Please let us know why you have been unable to provide it.

I don’t have any proof of identity, what can I do?

You will need to try to get a copy. You can get a copy of your birth certificate from the registrar of births, deaths and marriages. You can get a duplicate utility bill from the relevant utility company.

If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.