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Benefit fraud

Give to the needy and not the greedy, benefit fraud is a crime.
You can help stop it.

We take benefit fraud very seriously. Benefits are here to help those in genuine need of assistance.

If you think someone is flaunting the rules then you can report your concerns completely anonymously in a number of ways:

You do not need to provide any of your own details to report your concerns.

Benefit fraud occurs where a claimant, landlord or third party deliberately misrepresents their circumstances, or fails to declare a change in their circumstances in order to receive Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Social Security Benefits to which they know they are not entitled.

Examples of benefit fraud are:

  • Failure to declare or under declare work or earnings
  • Failure to declare savings, capital, property or land
  • Claiming as a single person while living with a partner
  • Failure to declare other people living in a property
  • People who claim for an address that they do not live in or do not have a liability to pay rent for
  • Failure to declare vacation of a property for which they receive benefit
  • Failure to report a change in household income / circumstances
  • Failure to report an increase in any state benefits / tax credits
  • Failure to report when children / young adults / lodgers start work

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