Health and Safety

Smoke-free premises and signs


  • Health act 2006 
  • The Smoke free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 
  • The Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations 2012 

Shisha smoking is covered by the smoke-free law introduced in 2007, which bans smoking in most buildings.

Water pipes can only be smoked outside in the open air or in a shelter where more than 50% of the potential wall space, taken at the edge of the ceiling or roof, is permanently open to the air. Fixtures and fittings such as doors, windows and awnings, which can be used to close any space, must be counted as closed. Any open wall should be more than 1.5m from any nearby external wall to allow sufficient smoke escape. This is known as the “50% rule”.

Allowing people to smoke in a smoke-free place can result in prosecution and a fine up to £2,500 in a magistrate’s court. 

You must display at least one ‘no smoking’ sign in a visible position in the no smoking part of the premises. 

Health and environment enforcement policy

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