Introduction to LinCare

LinCare have a range of services that can help support you or a loved one to continue living independently.

The available services include:

  • Lifeline System and pendant
  • Lifeline GO
  • Medication reminders and welfare checks
  • Lincolnshire pill dispenser supply and filling service by LinCare, Pivotell and East Midlands Pharmacy
  • Wellbeing Lincs Response Service

Wellbeing Lincs Response Service which you may need as a contact for using LinCare Lifeline services or separately.

To find out more about each one of LinCare’s services or the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service select the links from the menu at the top of the page.


LinCare aims to provide a low cost and affordable service.

The specific prices of each service are shown in the table below:

Service Prices 2021 - 2022

Lifeline System and pendant 

£4 per week (£208 per annum)

Lifeline GO £3.85 per week
(£200 per annum)
Medication reminders and welfare checks 10p per call
Well being Lincs Response Service £2.50 per week
(£130 per annum)

*Prices are subject to changes, to gain the most up-to-date price list, contact LinCare by calling 0300 303 4430 or email

Contact Lincare Control Centre

Telephone: 0300 303 4430