Lincolnshire pill dispenser supply and filling service

We all know how difficult it can be for anyone with conditions to collect/receive a pill dispenser from the pharmacist. As it takes time for the pharmacist to create and deliver the dispensers to the customer.

A solution has been created by LinCare working in partnership with Pivotell and the East Midlands Pharmacy to provide a new Pivotell pill dispenser and filling service.

This new service involves, from only £1.73 per week:

  • customer receiving a Pivotell automatic pill dispenser that will be filled on a weekly basis by the East Midlands Pharmacy
  • these dispensers automatically let the customer know that it is time to take their medication
  • the dispenser also at the correct time opens up the correct section with the medication already in ready to be taken

The device is filled and locked by a pharmacist and delivered to the customer’s home once a week by a delivery person. This frees up crucial time for the pharmacist so that they can support more people.

An automatic pill dispenser is probably suitable if all the following apply:

  • customer does not reliably take the right tablets at the right dosage at the right time
  • customer understands that they need to take their medication
  • the customer has to be able to hear the audible alarm or see the visual alarm (ideally both)
  • the customer can get to where the pill dispenser is located
  • the customer can retain learning about what the pill dispenser is for, recognise the alarm and what to do when the alarm sounds
  • if the customer is able to lift the pill dispenser and turn it upside down to access tablets (or use the ‘tipper’). Tippers are available from LinCare.
  • there is a suitable solution for medicines (eg inhalers, eye drops, creams) which cannot be placed into the pill dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser may not be suitable if the following applies:

  • customer’s medication changes frequently – whilst medication changes can be accommodated by re-dispensing (and, if appropriate, re-programming the pill dispenser) this will incur additional costs in terms of prescribing and wastage.

An automatic pill dispenser is probably not suitable if any of the following apply:

  • customer does not want to use the pill dispenser
  • most of the service user’s medication is not suitable to be dispensed in the dispenser
  • customer does not want to take their medication
  • customer is aggressive (dispenser may malfunction if thrown with force although should be fine if accidentally dropped)
  • customer has both visual and hearing impairments.

If you would like more information about this service you can call 0300 303 4430 or email