Wellbeing Lincs Response Service

If you want to use the service of LinCare Lifeline System/GO or receive medication reminders and welfare checks but don’t have ready access to a neighbour or nearby friend or family member who could respond in a hurry, the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service is there to help.

On the receipt of the alarm call LinCare is presented with a client’s page showing information about the alarm which has been activated by you or a sensor/detector in your home and the decision is made with you by LinCare that you need a non-medical response, the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service can be there within 45 minutes of the alert for only £2.50 per week.

The Response Service can respond to non-medical emergencies at the customers home and provide reassurance – any time of day or night as Responders are on standby.

The Responders are all fully DBS checked, trained and insured to assist people to get to their feet. They can also use Magna lifting equipment. All with the consent of the customer.

If during a visit from a Responder, you agree that a little more help is needed, they will contact other services the following working day on your behalf.

Circumstances in which a response would be provided:

Once you have subscribed to the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service, LinCare would activate a responder when:

  • You are on your own and have requested reassurance awaiting attendance by the Ambulance Service
  • You are distressed and have given consent to contact the Response Service
  • There are urgent basic lighting and heating issues (e.g. turning off stop cocks, offering help, reassurance and alternative heating advice in the event of a loss of power). The service is NOT to be used as alternative for a plumber or electrician
  • You have fallen and are uninjured, but need help to get up (including emergency personal care if needed, to make you more comfortable)
  • Minor flooding or the trigger of a fire or smoke alarm which do not require fire and rescue services to attend (eg burnt food)
  • Bogus callers and antisocial behaviour, to give reassurance and support while you wait for the police to respond
  • There is no response from the customer and all other avenues have been tried.

Response would not be given:

  • In place of any 999 emergency call to the police, fire brigade or medical services
  • For anyone who is not registered for the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service
  • To treat or aid any medical problems or concerns including:
    • Give a medication/injections
    • Injuries (unless EMAS has been called and you ask for support whilst waiting)
    • Replace, secure or apply medical dressings
  • We do not provide ongoing personal care, such as help to dress or undress, eat or with personal hygiene
  • To carry out general maintenance such as changing batteries, removing faulty alarms such as smoke alarms, CO detectors or changing/fitting lightbulbs
  • If the situation could endanger the Responder, such as an altercation involving the customer at their property
  • To do any shopping

To learn more and to subscribe to the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service and how it might support you, call 01507 613 126.

Please note that even if your monitoring service is another provider other than LinCare you can still purchase this service.

For information about all the services Wellbeing Lincs can provide, including:

  • home-visits
  • short-term service
  • simple aids for daily living
  • helping finding local groups for social activities
  • and befriending services 

Please visit, call 01522 782 140 or ask the Responder.