Parking permits

Parking permit general information

I have visitors arriving, can they park in a permit zone?

Your visitors can park in a permit zone if they have a valid visitor permit or visitor day scratchcard. 

You can buy both of these online

Apply for a parking permit

If your visitor parks in a permit zone without a valid permit or scratchcard they may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine).

Do I need to display the permit in my vehicle?

Yes, if your vehicle is parked in a residents' parking zone you should make sure that your permit is clearly displayed within your vehicle's front windscreen.

Can I use my permit to park anywhere else?

You are only permitted to use your permit in the zone it was issued for, please do not park in other zones as you may be issued with a ticket.

In addition to your designated zone your permit also allows you to park in any of the City of Lincoln Council pay and display car parks between the hours of:

Monday to Saturday: 5pm to 9:30am

Sunday: all day (Except for Bank Holidays where you may park from 5pm to 9:30am)

Residents’ parking permits do not allow the user to exceed the stated time limit in any limited stay parking areas.

Somebody/tradesman is visiting to work on my house, where can they park?

The tradesman can apply for a parking exception or waiver for a trade vehicle or other exceptional circumstances such as a skip placement.

For information on how to apply, please email Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department:

Please make sure you do this well in advance of the date you require the waiver.

I have changed my vehicle, what do I need to do?

If your vehicle has changed please contact us by email at

Please include the following information:

  • your name
  • address
  • old registration plate details
  • new registration plate details

We will then reply to you with the next steps to get your permit amended.

A £5 administration fee will be charged for replacements or changes to permits.

I no longer need a permit, can I get a refund?

If you no longer need your permit you can be refunded one twelfth of the value of the permit for each full unused month remaining, this is subject to a £5 administration fee.

Send your permit back to us; City Services, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DB.

You will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if you continue to use your permit when you are no longer a resident.

Is my street in a parking permit zone?

You can check which streets are included within a parking permit zone on our online list.

Parking permit zones

Please be aware we do not provide this information on a map to prevent abuse of the system.

Are there any discounts available?

You may be entitled to a free permit if you fulfil one of the following:    

  • are in receipt of income support or a means tested benefit
  • have a disabled driver blue badge

You will need to apply for a permit as normal however all applications will be reviewed and evidence will be required before your permit is issued.

Second permits cost £52.00 each.

I have a permit but there are no spaces on my street, what do I do?

You can park on any of the other streets within the zone stated on your permit. 

You can check which streets are included within a parking permit zone on our online list.

Parking permit zones

How long does it take for me to receive my permit?

After applying and paying online you should receive your permit within 10 days.

In the meanwhile you can use the reference number you receive after you have applied and made payment. 

You should place this reference number on a piece of paper visible through the windscreen of your vehicle until your permit arrives in the post.

My vehicle isn't registered at my address, can I still apply for a permit?

Yes. You can apply for an annual visitor permit as this type of permit is not linked to a specific vehicle. 

If you are a student who lives within a resident parking zone you can apply for one annual permit if your vehicle is registered to your home address.

Please be aware that we do monitor for fraudulent applications and action may be taken against individuals who abuse the system.

Can my street be considered to be a residents parking zone?

We look at each street on a case by case basis and implement new restrictions where needed. 

If you think your street should be within a parking zone contact us to let us know online.

Contact customer services online

How can I report misuse of a permit or scratchcard?

Or you can send a letter to City Services City of Lincoln Council, City Hall, Orchard Street, Lincoln LN1 1DE. Your letter must include date(s), times, location and permit number/scratch card number.

When signing up for the scheme members agree to fully co-operate in any investigation into any alleged permit misuse.        

After we receive your report

Once we have received your report we will get in contact and ask for any further information required for the investigation if we need it.

All correspondence from those reporting permit misuse, to those residents subject to investigation will remain strictly confidential. For the avoidance of doubt, neither party will be aware of the other’s name and/or address.    

Our officers will then conduct an investigation based on the information received.   

Once the investigation is complete we may undertake one of the following outcomes (this list is not exhaustive):   

  • No further action
  • Provide guidance on permit usage
  • Removal of permit and ability to apply for future permits
  • Prosecution through the Magistrates Court

You will be notified of conclusion of investigation and any actions taken. 

Report misuse of parking permits or scratchcards online