Parking permits

Visitor permits

You can buy visitor permits so that your friends and family can also park within the residents parking zones when they are visiting you. These work in the same way as a residents permit.

The first permit you apply for comes at a reduced rate of £26.00 for the year second permits are £52.00 each.

Your permit will be delivered with a book of ten visitor scratchcards if the book has not already issued to the property within the last 12 months.

  • You can have a maximum of two permits per house (whether resident or visitors).
  • First residents or visitor permit: £26.00
  • Second residents or visitor permit: £52.00

In order to apply you will need to provide;

  • proof of that you currently live at an address within the zone you are applying for   
  • a payment card  

Apply for a parking permit

Please be aware that any misuse will lead to removal of the ability to buy and use this type of permit in the future.