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Housing Growth Strategy

The Central Lincolnshire authorities of City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven and West Lindsey District Councils, Lincolnshire County Council and the Joint Planning Unit have published a joint Housing Growth Strategy.

The population of Central Lincolnshire is growing and ageing. Housing growth is necessary to enable young people, families and older people to access homes they can afford which meet their needs. This will ensure that Central Lincolnshire has a ‘balanced’ population and economic prosperity into the future.

The Housing Growth Strategy sets out the housing issues and challenges facing Central Lincolnshire. It identifies six strategic objectives:

  • Deliver Sustainable Housing Growth
  • Deliver Affordable Housing
  • Deliver housing to meet diversity of need including Older Persons
  • Maintain and improve the housing stock and bring empty properties back into use
  • Deliver quality and energy efficiency in the new housing stock
  • Deliver and maintain a robust and up to date evidence base

The Strategy contains an action plan which details how these objectives will be delivered in partnership with other public, private and third sector organisations, together with the resources required. You can view the full strategy below:

Central Lincolnshire Housing Growth Strategy