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Decent homes standard

Home Improvement Works

The Decent Homes Programme, to carry out improvements to Council own properties has been completed. To build on that success and to ensure City of Lincoln Council housing stock which did not receive works under Decent Homes Programme meet the required standard. A new phase of Housing Improvements is to be under taken under a new Partnership Contract which was procured in partnership with Lincolnshire Procurement , with the tender being won by Kier Support Services to provide these works from 2013 to 2018.

Determining what work needs to be done?

Using information gathered under housing stock surveys, a programme of works has been developed, to identify those properties that do not meet the required decent homes standard. Those properties identified for works have been notified and informed of what works their properties requires to ensure that their properties would meet the Decent Homes Standard.

What Improvements will be delivered?

City of Lincoln Council has around 7,820 properties. The City of Lincoln Council will only be replacing elements that have been identified by the programme as reaching their life time expectancy. These are elements such as kitchen, bathroom, rewiring of the electrical system, insulation, fascia and soffit, paths, fencing, structural repairs and heating.

As with Decent Homes, neighbouring properties may get different levels of improvements works, depending on what the stock condition survey Indicates what is required to maintain or bring the property up to the decent homes standard. Some homes will be classified has still meeting the required standard, however they may be included in future programme of works.

Who will deliver the improvements?

Under a new long term partnership contract, that was successfully won by Kier Support Services, who helped with the delivery of the Decent Homes Programme. The new partnership contract will run from 2013 to 2018. Kier Support Services will deliver and carry out most of the elements of works with expectation of Central Heating Systems, Boiler replacement and annual servicing of those gas appliances, that work will be carried out by Aarons Services Ltd.

The City of Lincoln Council’s own City Maintenance Services workforce continue to have responsibility for the day to day repairs along with repairs to empty properties.