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Housing Enforcement Policy

The Housing Enforcement Policy sets out how we will use our powers. It has been amended to take into account the Housing Act 2004. The policy direction aims to inform the decisions made by the council on enforcement matters under the Housing Act 2004, ensuring decisions are fair.

The purpose of the policy direction is to assist officers in the discharge of their duties on behalf of the council, with particular regard to part one of the Housing Act 2004, in cases where they have decided to carry out a formal assessment of a hazard.


The Housing Act 2004 introduced a new way of assessing residential premises and new enforcement powers.

The new form of assessment is known as the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and it seeks to identify hazards to which any occupier or visitor might be exposed.

The new powers provide local housing authorities with the means of reducing or removing those hazards. The new powers are listed below.

Hazards with scores falling into Category one carry the most serious risk and the council must take action. Hazards that are less serious are classified as Category two and although the council is not required to take action, it may choose to do so.

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Housing Enforcement Policy