Housing policies and publications

Homelessness Strategy

We are committed to:

  • Preventing homelessness by offering advice and support to enable people to stay in their homes and assisting those for whom the council has no duty
  • Providing a safety net of good quality services as a contingency to respond to those people who do become homeless
  • Reducing or minimising potential homelessness in the longer term through inter-agency and inter-county working to develop and implement a homelessness strategy 

Lincolnshire Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategies 

These strategies outline how the seven Lincolnshire housing authorities, together with a range of partners, aim to prevent and tackle homelessness within the county over the next 5 years.  The Lincolnshire districts who have committed to this partnership working include, City of Lincoln, Boston, East Lindsey, North Kesteven, South Holland, South Kesteven and West Lindsey.

Homelessness is a complex issue and local authorities have long recognised the importance of working together to tackle homelessness in an ever changing environment.