Data Protection and Privacy Notice

Will you be charged a fee for your request?

  • There is no fee for you to make a request. However we may charge a reasonable administration fee if your request is unfounded or excessive, such as, you have requested the information repeatedly from us before.
  • We may charge you an administration fee to provide you with copies of information you have already been provided with. 
  • If we consider your request is unfounded or excessive, particularly repetitive the law says we are also allowed to refuse your request.
  • Where we hold a large amount of information about you, we are allowed to ask you what the information you are requesting relates to. This will then assist in narrowing our search, which will help you receive the correct information.
  • If we refuse your request we must explain why to you, within one month of us receiving your request. We must also inform you as with any request of your right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.