Data Protection and Privacy Notice

Your rights related to decisions made by computers

You have the right not to be subject to a decision where;

  • it is based on automated processing (decisions made solely by computers) and
  • it has a legal or a significant effect on you

We can only carry out automated decision making when;

  • it is necessary for you to enter into a contract with us
  • it is allowed by law with safeguards in place to protect you, for example for fraud or tax evasion or
  • it is based on your explicit (written) consent or
  • where the decision does not have a legal or significant effect on you

Where we carry out automated processing we must ensure that you are able to:

  • obtain human intervention if requested
  • express your point of view and
  • obtain an explanation of the decision and challenge it

Automated decisions must not concern a child or be based on sensitive data unless;

  • you have provided your explicit (written) consent 
  • it is necessary as it benefits society as a whole, based on law, with measures in place to protect you.