Data Protection and Privacy Notice


If we are using your data based upon your consent alone we must be able to show this was obtained correctly. This means we must provide you with clear information as to what you are consenting to at that time.  Your consent needs to be confirmed by you taking an action such as signing a form, ticking a box or clicking on an icon online. Your consent can not be obtained by you failing to read something or by not opting out.

As we are a public authority we usually have an alternative legal reason to process your personal data, being that this is part of our public task. There are however some services where consent maybe required and if so we will request this from you. For example we would always obtain your consent first to send you direct marketing.

If we are using your data on the basis of your consent alone, you can withdraw your consent at any time and will be provided with contact details to do this by the particular service or you can contact the Data Protection Officer to withdraw your consent at